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Hiring the Right AV Equipment for Different Events

Hosting an event is never easy, especially when you need lots of equipment and resources in order to put on the event in the first place. If you are putting on an event and you find you don’t have everything you need, then you might need to hire some of it out. This is a much more cost-effective way of managing an event then buying equipment, and often, it can make sense to hire equipment separately, rather than hiring it out with the building. If you are holding an event in the Northamptonshire area in the near future, AV hire in Northampton is a simple process and... Read More

Bar Hire – Why is a Professional Option the Best

A bar is one of those hire items where you cannot compromise. If you have anything less than a professional bar, you will find yourself struggling to get the most out of your service area, your staff and even your customers. You need the right set up and the right bar equipment for it to be a total success. If you are having an event or party and you want to hire a bar, use a professional bar and party hire company. They will usually have different bars for you to choose from, and will have various types of equipment as well. This gives you the option to hire whatever... Read More

Christmas Parties in 2019

You’ve probably already had your Christmas party for 2018 – so is it too early for you to start planning your Christmas party for 2019? The answer is no, not at all. It is never too early to make sure your Christmas party is planned, in place, and has been organised well ahead of time. It will give you peace of mind, and will make the Christmas period much calmer for you. It is also wise to keep with anybody you have found who might be worth working with again. If you have worked with a party planner or an events planner, then ask them already to plan you... Read More

Catering for a Staff Party

The catering is such an important aspect of any staff party, especially a Christmas party considering this time of year is all about eating, drinking and being merry! Getting the catering right will ensure your staff have a great time and feel well catered for in their choices of food and drinks at their party. Enlist the help of a caterer if you are hiring a venue yourself. The other option is to choose a communal party venue, such as a hotel or themed event, where there will be food or potentially a sit down meal. It largely depends on the size of your company and the... Read More

Hiring a Marquee in Leicester

A marquee is a great option for all kinds of events, from weddings to conferences. It can be a good idea to hire out a marquee in advance of an event, to make sure you can get the marquee you want, as well as deciding what you are going to do with it. This could be anything from choosing where to put the dance floor to setting out a table plan. Marquee hire Leicester is good value for money and beneficial for your next event. A marquee for a versatile eventĀ  The great benefit of a marquee is the fact that it is yours to put your mark upon. You can style it just how you... Read More

Impress your Staff with a Great Party Venue

There are a lot of ways for businesses to leave a positive impression; good pay, awesome benefits, and great parties. There are few opportunities to throw a party in an office setting, but one that comes around every year is Christmas. To ensure that the part is a success, make sure that you contact events companies that are able to provide a great Christmas party venue in Manchester and throughout the UK.

Professional Office Furnishing Services

Developing a corporate atmosphere in your office environment is a big step of developing your corporate brand; installing furniture such as chairs and desks for staff and making efficient use of space are the priorities for any corporate entity. Paying for an office fit out service is a great way to gain the advice and services of professional commercial interior designers.