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Private Meeting Rooms for Hire in Office Spaces

Posted on November 22, 2020, by Jim

Open plan offices and individual offices make very good bases for a business but sometimes, a private meeting or conversation will need to take place. Having a private meeting room can account for this, giving individuals a space to hold a meeting, an interview, or to have a private phone conversation that cannot take place in the office. Many office spaces, such as... Read More

How to Book a Conference Venue Last Minute

Posted on August 16, 2020, by Jim

Sometimes plans fall through and the need might arise to book a conference venue last minute. This is never easy – conferences require many different considerations to be made, especially if they will be hosting lots of delegates travelling from various different places, and if they will have lots of different speakers. There are logistics to consider as well as venue... Read More

Planning a Strategy for Business Development

Posted on October 31, 2017, by Jim

Business development is a complex field beset with jargon. Some people regard it as purely a sales function, whereas others think of the wider picture and the different way in which they can develop and improve a business. The important thing for you is to decide where you sit on the spectrum and to have a clear strategy in mind for your business development. Think about what... Read More

Choosing the best bookkeeping service provider in Northampton

Posted on September 29, 2017, by Jim

Financial data is an essential element of any business. It is necessary to maintain financial data to enhance the growth of your business. As a business person, it is advisable to hire someone who will do the work for you flawlessly. Look for best bookkeeping Northampton services to let everything flow well with your business.... Read More

Staff Christmas Parties – What can you Get for your Budget?

Posted on September 02, 2017, by Jim

The staff Christmas party doesn’t have to cost a fortune. However, it probably won’t be especially cheap either and it’s best to make sure you get the most for your money before you put down any deposits and settle on a venue. It’s important to shop around so that you know the going rate for certain types of party and you can budget accordingly. It will... Read More