Finding A Christmas Party Venue Last Minute

Some businesses across Northamptonshire will have forgotten all about Christmas and hosting a work Christmas party. This is simply because they have been too busy working to even realise that the festive period is fast approaching. If you are one of these businesses, keep reading, as today we are going to help you find a Christmas party venue last minute!

When you forget all about having a work Christmas party, you will need to find a last-minute Christmas party venue. The best top tip we can give you is to think outside the box. Most businesses go for the generic food party with a sit-down meal. So, don’t go for the generic option, think outside of the box.

What outside of the box options are there for work Christmas parties?
Let’s share with you our list of outside of the box options for your work Christmas party.

Go Karting
Not many businesses are going to choose to go go-karting for their work Christmas party, but this is an amazing option. It allows you to race each other, get competitive, and have fun. Isn’t that what a Christmas party is about, having fun? There are many go-karting tracks across Northamptonshire, so there is bound to be availability at one.

Takeaway To The Office
Most work Christmas parties will generally take place after work hours. But why not think about having a work party during working hours. This can be something as simple as ordering a takeaway to the office for you all to enjoy. You may even be able to hire someone to provide a fancier meal for you all to enjoy together to break up your working day.

These are just a few ways that you can still host a work Christmas party even when you have left it down to the last minute to plan.

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