Hiring the Right AV Equipment for Different Events

Hosting an event is never easy, especially when you need lots of equipment and resources in order to put on the event in the first place. If you are putting on an event and you find you don’t have everything you need, then you might need to hire some of it out. This is a much more cost-effective way of managing an event then buying equipment, and often, it can make sense to hire equipment separately, rather than hiring it out with the building. If you are holding an event in the Northamptonshire area in the near future, AV hire in Northampton is a simple process and one you should consider in order to run your event well. There are event hire companies that can supply everything you need, and you know that by taking this route, it will be high quality, best in class equipment.

Events nowadays can require all kinds of audio visual effects, depending on what the event is. These are some common examples of events you might run, and the kind of AV equipment you will need for them:

  • Parties and discos – you will need sound systems like speakers and PA systems, amplifiers, lighting and possibly mixing decks if there will be a DJ.
  • Gigs and live band performances – you will need equipment to optimise sounds, probably including PA systems, amplifiers and microphones. You also might want some visual equipment like LED screens and lighting. This will help create the right kind of atmosphere.
  • Conferences – you will probably need to hire projectors, projection screens, microphones and particular types of lighting. You might also need lecterns and video screens depending on the type of presentation people will be giving.
  • Awards shows and staff incentives. You might want full stage hire for this, including microphones, lighting and projector equipment. This will help you have a place for presenting the awards, and for creating the right atmosphere.
  • Open days and roadshows. You might need lighting, projector equipment and other AV equipment for giving presentations and talks. This will help you to create an event that will wow attendees and give the right impression of your organisation.

Hiring AV equipment for a Northampton-based event can be good value and good for your business. It doesn’t need to be difficult. It’s even possible for you to get audio visual equipment delivered to the event itself to save you having to collect it.

AV equipment hire – finding good value

It’s always advisable to shop around a little before accepting an equipment hire quote. Three quotes are usually advisable, so you know what prices are like in the area and how they compare. You wouldn’t want to hire from one company then find that another could have hired you equipment for a fraction of the price. However, quality is also important. For example, if you are hiring out lighting, these could be simple and basic, or all singing, all dancing LED lights that will create a spectacular event. It’s your choice as to what you choose to do. Make sure you fully understand what you are hiring before going ahead with the hire, so you aren’t disappointed in the equipment.

If you work with an events professional, they might be able to obtain good value hire options for you. It’s worth speaking to them to see.

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