Important Business Marketing Trends In 2015

2015 a year of rapidly shifting marketing technologies. This means that the technology people use is becoming increasingly significant, greatly influencing the marketing strategies of businesses. A major technology that is widely used and should be taken into consideration is the use of Smart Phones and Tablets.

Almost every person uses a Smart Phone or Tablet. It is common that these are connected to the internet and that many peoples shopping is carried out using one of these.

Businesses need to consider their marketing strategies in relation to this. A large shift has occurred in the last few years towards the use of mobile technology for retail. To keep up with the shift businesses should consider the following:

Is the business’s website compatible with all Smart Phone and Tablet screen formats?

Does the business’s website function correctly when accessed via a Smart Phone or Tablet?

Are there any ways the business can make use of this growing trend? Should the business consider creating apps or other software solutions that are compatible with Smart Phones or Tablets?

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