Keeping your Staff Motivated in the New Year

Whilst a new year is a fresh start for many, it is also difficult to get back into the swing of things after the Christmas break. It is important for any business owner or manager to keep staff motivated and well looked after, making sure that they are working to the best of their ability. Here are some ideas to help you:

  • Have a regular event for people to look forward to, such as a payday treat or an office meal. This will help people to bond as well as giving staff an incentive.
  • Hold regular competitions. These could be for something as simple as a¬†staff member of the month, or recognition for a project that has been successful. Make sure the prizes are something well worth winning.
  • Have an away day. This is the perfect way to get your team to work together outside of the office, helping them get to know each other and form new relationships in a more informal setting. This will help once everyone is back in the office.

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