Top Tips for Planning the Office Christmas Party

Nothing could feel less like Christmas than a warm, sunny day in the middle of August. However, if you want to ensure that your Christmas party is a success for all members of staff, it’s going to take a lot of planning. August might even be too late! Don’t underestimate how much work it can take. Here are our top tips to help you streamline the process of planning your office Christmas party:

  • Think about how many members of staff you have. The more you have, the longer it will take to plan your party.
  • Ask members of staff for their opinions. Each year, ask what they thought of the party and ask them for ideas for future years. Keep these on file – they can save you lots of time.
  • Make notes after each Christmas party you hold. This will help you to remember what was a success and what could have been improved. You can revisit these notes at a later date to remind yourself of important points before planning.
  • Begin talking to party planners nice and early. The good ones will get booked up surprisingly quickly. Once you have formed a strong ongoing relationship with a party or events planning company, you will be able to consult with them year after year.
  • Make lists. Lists are absolutely invaluable when you are planning events. Write down everything you need to consider, from venues to logistics to prices. Keep them up-to-date, and you will be so grateful that you did.

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