Using Business Cards Successfully

Business cards can be a great way to make yourself, and your business, memorable. This is increasingly important at a time when numerous companies are fighting for business, and you want to be the one which stands out and wins customers. A business card which is well-presented and is handed out to the right people can make a big difference to you.

Ensure that your business card looks professional and is well-presented. It should be clear and concise, whilst bearing a good resemblance to the rest of your business’s branding. It should be immediately clear who you are and what your role within the company is. Have cards printed professionally on high-quality paper, and print in larger quantities to make sure you always have plenty to hand. Once you’ve got a business card which you are proud of, ensure that you always have some available. Any situation can become the right opportunity to market your business, so be prepared.

If you are working with multi-national businesses or are taking a business trip abroad, learn the etiquette before handing out your business card. Different countries will have various expectations regarding who should receive your card and how it should be presented to them. For example, in China, your business card should be presented using both hands. Many countries, particularly in Asia, also see it as being rude to put a business card in your pocket or wallet, so ensure you don’t do this if presented with somebody else’s.

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