Using Professional Email Signatures

Using professional-looking email signatures is an important part of maintaining your business’s image. A signature isn’t just a way to give people useful information like telephone numbers and addresses, it’s also an excellent way to build up brand awareness and remind people of exactly who you are.

What should be included in an email signature?

  • Your company’s logo is of the utmost importance. This is an opportunity to reinforce your brand message and to put something in people’s minds which will stick. Use the space wisely.
  • Your job title. In a way, an email signature is a bit like a business card. You should be able to clearly tell who you are and what you do from it.
  • The company name. This might sound obvious, but the company name should be very prominent. Make sure that it stands out.
  • A specific design scheme. The signature should be uniform and attractive.
  • Address, telephone number and email address. These don’t have to be the most important part of the signature but they should definitely be there and easy to find.
  • Any other additional information which people might find interesting. This will very much depend on your business and will be unique to you, for example, people might want to know business opening hours.

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